Sea Freight

Sea freight is a method of transporting of large stores of goods via cargo ships. They can be packed in containers or in the hold of a ship, but the first method is more effective and efficient. A full-container ship is able to carry 18 thousand 20ft containers to their destination country. Needless to say that sea freight is a cost-efficient way to deliver large stores of a product.

The «M3 Logistics» Company Group provides multiple services on sea freight. We’ve been working on the global logistics market for more than 20 years and provide professional services. We guarantee the safety condition of a cargo and honoring of treaties.

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Advantages of Sea Freight

Despite of slow speed, sea freight is a very popular method of transportation. Other methods (for example, air freight) can deliver a cargo in 2‒3 days, while sea freight might take a month or even more. The demand for sea transportation is induced for the lowest costs in comparison for air, road and rail. It is very important for many business owners who want to reduce their freight costs.

A variety of cargo ships allows to transport various types of products, without constraints on size, volume and weight. International shipping is carried out in 20ft and 40ft reusable containers, which are designed to be easily moved from one mode of transport to another without unloading and reloading. So, the advantages of sea freight are:

  • Low cost in comparison to other methods of transportation
  • Opportunity to ship heavy, bulky, oversized items without incurring enormous costs
  • Great importance for foreign trade, delivery from one continent to another
  • Minimal risks and safety, thanks to modern design of the ships and containers
  • No restrictions as for size, space, weight and volume of goods.
  • Registration of import and export Registration of import and export
  • Certification and declaration of transported products Certification and declaration of transported products
  • State control related to the transportation of various types of cargo across the border State control related to the transportation of various types of cargo across the border

Our Services on Sea Freight

We provide full package of services for companies and freight different types of cargoes: break bulk, container, bulk, neo-bulk, project, roll-on/roll-off, LTL. Our services include:

  • Working out a logistical itinerary
  • Working out multimodal logistic chain
  • Cargo handling
  • Weighing, packaging, labeling, transportation
  • Preparation of documentation for custom declaration
  • Preparation of sea way bill
  • Insurance cover
  • Consignment storage
  • Compliance with customs procedures.
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«M3 Logistics» is a company group that guarantees the best value for money and the safety of cargo delivery. We do not just do our job — we create conditions conducive to business development of our customers. We have been working in transport logistics for more than twenty years and provide efficient solutions.

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