Air Freight Operations

Air freight operations is a set of transport logistics actions aimed to the delivery of cargo transported by air crafts. It is the practical work of moving goods to a receiver, that are relevant for those who need the fastest shipping method or sending cargo almost anywhere. As a rule, it is used for high-value or low-volume shipments because of its expensiveness.

The «M3 Logistics» Company Group provides the best solutions of air cargo to the clients. We cooperate with reliable partnerships and airline representatives around the world, guaranteeing reasonable prices and prompt order execution.

Why choose us?

Individual approach
The decision of logistic problems of any complexity
Price, Speed, Quality
  • Registration of import and export Registration of import and export
  • Certification and declaration of transported products Certification and declaration of transported products
  • State control related to the transportation of various types of cargo across the border State control related to the transportation of various types of cargo across the border

Why Do You Need Air Freight Operations?

Despite the high rates for air transportation, they are in demand because of their advantages: the fastest shipping method and a high level of security with the reduced risk of damage and theft. Besides, a consignor can send his cargo almost anywhere: as a rule, most of airlines have a large network of destinations covering almost the entire world. This means that a consignor can send his shipment to nearly any destination.

Prompt delivery is a guarantee of compliance with the terms and conditions of the contract, the exclusion of breaking logistic back, and one more plus to the reputation of a trusted and reliable partner for any enterprise. Wherever the consignee is, you can be sure that he will receive your freight!

Our Services
Customs Clearance of the Excise Goods
Forwarding of International Economic Activity
Outsourcing of International Economic Activity. Business Process Optimization.
Additional services
Route optimization based on geolocation
Bonus package
Optimal cargo placement in the car
Operational cargo consolidation in Europe

How Do We Work?

«M3 Logistics» is lead logistics provider. Having been operating on the international market for the third decade, we know the needs of our customers, offering safe, cost-effective and efficient movement of cargo. Our clients get all the necessary services, saving their time and cost. Available services are:

  • Working out a logistical itinerary
  • Weighing, packaging, labeling, transportation of cargo to the airport
  • Organization of an air freight
  • Cargo handling
  • Insurance cover
  • Working out a scheme of a multimodal freight
  • Preparation of documentation for custom declaration.

We act on the Federal Law of the Russian Federation «About Transport and Forwarding» and the Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules Relating to International Carriage by Air. We comply with the norms prescribed in them and exclude delays and mistakes.

About us
30 Corporate
150+ Containers
Transport Monthly
1 Day for
Customs Documents
100 000 + Bills
of Entry

Advantages of Air Freight:

  • It is the fastest shipping method
  • The guarantee of highly-reliable times of flights’ arrival and departure
  • A cargo can be sent anywhere
  • Shorter transportation time of air cargo, which allows to lower the insurance premium
  • A high level of security, thanks to the tightly-managed airport safety controls over cargo
  • You can follow the status of the cargo.

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