International Logistics

International logistics is the management process of planning, actualization and controlling the flows of goods and materials from the point of origin across at least one international border to the point of usage. It provides safe and prompt delivery of different types of goods from the point of departure to the destination within time limits specified by contract.

International logistics is the main business area of the «M3 Logistics» Company Group. We provide multiple services on it, guaranteeing the safety condition of a cargo and honoring of treaties. We have been working on the international market for more than twenty years and provide professional service.

The Tasks of International Logistics

International cargo logistics is aimed at delivery of a cargo from one country to another. The process must be safe and efficient from the point of view of time and financial costs. Being an integral part of business activity of many Russian companies, it must create conditions conducive to their business development and reduce their freight costs.

The movement of goods is carried out across state borders in accordance with conditions regulated on the state-by-state basis. It requires taking into account some aspects of international trade, especially favored by the development of a rail and roads infrastructure, an air and a shipping route, along with trading relations between countries.

How Does the International Logistics Works?

Effective transport and logistic chain needs a complex approach that solves and coordinates many tasks:

  • Selection of transportation method
  • Cargo handling
  • Coordination with suppliers and warehouse workers
  • Working out a multimodal transportation chain
  • Completion of customs formalities

The eventual result depends on forethought and coordination of actions of all the transportation process participants.

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Five reasons to become our client

«M3 Logistics» is a financially independent group of companies offering packages of services. We successfully cooperate with the largest domestic and foreign enterprises, many of which have become our regular customers.

For our logistician, logistics is a real art, which allows to get the perfect «painting», excluding clashes, fines and delays. They carefully study the trade details and use every opportunity to make the process as productive as possible. Doing so is especially important when it comes to moving goods between countries. Every nuance is taken into account: a route mileage, quality of a roadbed, a freight traffic flow, customs procedures and substantial risks.

The reasons to become our client are:

  • Prompt and efficient solutions of complex tasks
  • A wide range of professional services
  • Engagement of services
  • Information and legal support 24 hours per day, 7 days per week
  • Best value for money

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